You'll have buttocks and toned legs with these exercises

Do you want to have a slender and toned body? It is time for you to act and start with some exercises to tone glutes and legs, to activate your muscles and improve your physical performance.

In the next video, Salvador Garayzar, specialist in functional training of Sport City shows you some exercises to tone your buttocks and legs, as well as burn fat from wherever you are:

One way to improve your training is to use various tools such as weights and the so-called step, which can provide many benefits to your health.

According to the page Vitó , the step helps you burn calories, strengthen your heart and is an excellent complement to the exercises to tone glutes and legs.

This accessory has many advantages because you can accommodate it at different heights, however, it is recommended that you adjust it to a low size when you use it for the first time.

Go ahead and transform your body and sport a slim silhouette in a fun way and without moving to other places. And you, what exercises to tone your glutes and legs prefer?