You have more strength

When we do not drink enough water, tiredness can appear and not just dehydration. Fatigue, headache, fever or difficulty urinating are frequent symptoms of lack of water in our body.

If you practice outdoor exercise, the need to ingest water is even greater, due to exposure to the sun's rays and high temperatures, in addition to physical exhaustion.

When you improve your fluid intake this is what happens with your body:


You have more strength

Especially if you practice some sport, the more hydration you will have more resistance. When you replenish liquids with natural water or isotonic drinks, your body recovers from any type of wear and even slight body pains.


Your skin is smoother

The thickness and density of the skin change according to your hydration levels. The skin has up to 70% of liquid cells, so when the levels decrease, you are more prone to a skin with "cracked" appearance, fine lines and the dreaded wrinkles.

Drinking too much water does not mean you look younger, but it does help prevent signs of aging.


It will improve your digestion

Not taking enough water can cause constipation. To improve intestinal transit you need to drink water, although it should not only be natural.

You can include natural fruit juices, preparing watermelon, lemon or grapefruit water. This will also give you vitality and help you lose weight.

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