You have healthy options

If you are one of the people who love to add condiments To improve the taste of your meals, you may have to think twice before continuing. For example, most creamy dressings contain between 100 to 200 calories per package, according to the Washington State University .


Most people do not think about the damage that can be done by consuming certain condiments in excess, until they already have a problem of overweight or another disease that affects their health, "says Stefanie Senior , professor of nutrition in the University Health Network .

Discover in the following quizz if the condiments what you consume are among the most "lethal" to your body.


You have healthy options

The idea is not that you suffer when leaving your condiments favorites, try to consume them in small quantities and sporadically or substitute them for equally delicious options that are much more healthy as:


1. Cayenne pepper

Not only will it flavor your meals, this seasoning stimulates the production of gastric acids that improve digestion and increase the speed of your metabolism , so you can burn more calories .


2. Olive oil and vinegar

The University of Maryland He says that these options are better than mayonnaise or creamy dressings to accompany your salads. In addition olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamin E that help prevent the aging of the skin.

Remember that the condiments not only serve to enhance the flavor of your food, when you correctly choose certain types of spices can improve your digestion and the intestinal transit, indicates Nadya Andreeva , specialist in conscious feeding and author of"Happy Belly"

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