You forget things

If lately you have felt anxious, sad, you look in the mirror and you look with more kilos than usual or your face is full of pimples, it could be due to a hormonal imbalance.

Many times we believe that this type of imbalance with hormones only happens to women who have just been mothers or who have menopause, but do not trust yourself because this is not the case.

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A study of Jinnah University (Pakistan) lists various changes that a woman might experience no matter how old she is. Take note!


You forget things

If you forget the basics like where you put your bag, keys or talk to someone, maybe you could have a hormonal problem. This happens because your body produces high levels of the hormone cortisol, which hinders your memory capacity.


It's hard for you to lose weight

You do not understand why if you exercise consistently and eat healthy, the scale keeps registering more weight than you had. Quiet, your hormones may be behind this.



Although you have good hygiene, you can constantly have pimples and pimples. Those responsible for this may be androgens (male hormones such as testosterone) that stimulate excess sebum production and fuse with the bacteria that cause imperfections in the skin.


Constant tiredness

Although we rest correctly, in the morning we could still feel tired, which is a very common sign of hormonal imbalance.


To feel down

When the levels of the thyroid gland are low we can have strong changes in mood such as depression, anxiety and irritability.


Excessive sweat

This is a typical sign of hormonal imbalance ; often hot flashes, palpitations and tingling at night.


Hair loss

Normally we can lose 100 hair a day, but when the lack of testosterone or DyhydroTestosterone (DHT) can cause us to lose more hair.

If you have any of these signs of hormonal imbalance , do not hesitate to go with a specialist to assess you and determine what treatment is best for you. Beware!


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