You eliminate fat when you breathe!

Do you want to burn fat effectively? A delicious option is through coffee , because thanks to its thermogenic effect activates your metabolism to eliminate toxins from your body through breathing.

In an interview for Health, the nutritionist Marybel Yáñez, spokesperson for Nescafé, explains that coffee works as an antioxidant and as a thermogenic, that is, it stimulates the metabolism and increases the body temperature to lose grease accumulated in the body.

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You eliminate fat when you breathe!

Marybel Yáñez points out that the thermogenic effect consists of increasing the body's temperature to metabolize the grease and toxins in the form of CO2 and oxygen, in short, everything we eat is eliminated through respiration.

In addition, the specialist ensures that if accompanied by a proper diet and exercise, coffee is a good option to lose weight, thanks to its content of methylxanthines.

This is because these substances stimulate the central nervous system to eliminate grease naturally, since appetite is decreased, greater energy is obtained and mental health improves.

The specialist recommends having a cup of coffee on an empty stomach, as long as they do not suffer gastritis or irritation of the stomach, since it provides the energy necessary to carry out any activity and activate the burner effect of grease . And you, do you already enjoy the benefits of coffee?

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