Are you on a diet, but do not just go down? The bad guys habits and a sedentary lifestyle have caused the obesity Y overweight is becoming not only an aesthetic problem but health. However, what do you do when everything seems to fail?


44% of global cases of diabetes, 23% of ischemic heart disease and 7-41% of certain cancers are attributable to overweight and obesity, "says the World Health Organization.


You "die" of hunger!

However, there are factors that go beyond a diet and exercise, and that influences the loss or weight gain. Here we give you three of them.

1. Localized fat. According to an investigation of the Yale University, affirms that women who store fat in the abdomen They have a higher level of stress and anxiety compared to those that store fat in the hips. When we get stressed, we release a hormone called 'cortisol ', which makes us keep grease in case of suffering hunger in long periods.

2. A happy relationship. Andrea L. Meltzer of Southern Methodist University of Dallas , through a study states that members of a stable and happy marriage tend to gain weight because they do not care so much about the aesthetic, because they know that they like their partner not just from the outside; therefore, they do not control themselves so much at the time of eating, while those who are divorced or know that their relationship is going to sink, worry more about looking good to find the love.

3. Dehydration. The symptoms of this condition (drowsiness, lack of energy) mimic those of being too hungry, which may lead you to think that you need food to increase your energy level, as stated in an investigation of Woman's Day, Lona Sandon.

Losing weight is a process that requires time, but especially integral: physical and emotional. Remember that your well-being is in your hands.

Video Medicine: Daniel Romano - "Hunger Is A Dream You Die In" [Audio Only] (June 2021).