You can also see: Sex to look thinner

Surely you have ever heard that the Men prefer them thin .

According to studies carried out by the University of Abardeen , men prefer thin women.


You can also see: Sex to look thinner

One of the reasons is that men relate to a thin woman in good health and youth.

Professor Speakman, the research coordinator commented the following ...


The thinness in terms of evolution is related to 2 things, survival and reproduction "

What is tried to verify with the study carried out is that unconsciously the man prefers a thin woman because he thinks that she is healthy and would not have problems of reproduction .


I am surprised by the number of people from different cultures who prefer thin women for associating them with good health and reproduction, when that is not always the case. "Dr. Speakman

A thin woman is not always the healthiest. Even women who are too thin can have health problems due to lack of nutrients and this affects its reproduction.

For this reason Men prefer them thin

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