You ask him where he is

Love expresses itself in different ways. Women love to receive surprises, letters, flowers and to respond to our messages.

Thanks to technology, messages are great allies to keep us connected with our partner and can be a very practical guide if you want to know how he feels about you.


Trust is key in any relationship. I do not recommend putting the couple to the test but having the need to communicate with the couple, the text messages can help us to reinforce feelings of security, love and loyalty, says Ana María Sánchez, psychologist and couple therapist.

The specialist says that When a man is in love answer these messages and we reveal them to you.


You ask him where he is

It is not about harassing or questioning him, it is simply showing your love and concern to know that he is well. He will not take long to answer you and of course, he will love it if you do.


You ask for help

If you have a problem and you need help, when a man is in love answer these messages and surely will come to your call to support you in what you need.


You tell him you're not okay

If you are physically ill or emotionally ill, you share it with your partner. He will not delay in looking for you to know what is happening to you.


You tell him you love him

No matter where your partner is, he will take a minute to answer your message, giving you the peace of mind you need.


Tell him you miss him

When a man is in love respond to these messages and maybe I'll tell you something more than a "me too".

The specialist says that you should not abuse these messages to know if a man is in love, otherwise he will only get fed up and believe that you are harassing him.


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