You are unique…

"No matter what you do, it will always be better than you." Whether with a work colleague, friend or relative, sometimes we compare our life with theirs, however, how is this action affecting our health?

For the psychotherapist Daniela Tempesta, The comparison can be a valuable source of motivation and growth if you know how to manage, but thanks to the use of social networks this emotion it goes out of control producing not only frustration and anxiety but suffering.


You are unique…

With information from Huffington Post , we present some reasons that will help you to desist from continuing to compare your life with others.

1. It damages your self-esteem. The comparison generates envy, low trust in yourself and depression, as well as endangering your ability to trust others. There is a type of comparison that can generate a petty competition in which the pleasure lies in the suffering of the other.

2. You compare yourself to a lake that does not exist. A study of Personality and Social Psychology Newsletter showed that people are less likely to reveal their negative emotions than their positive emotions

In addition, the study found that people tend to overestimate the presence of positivity in the lives of others, while they misinterpret or can not detect negative feelings in others. So not only is it delivering an incomplete image, we tend to distort the information we receive.

3. It is a lost battle. If the comparison is the way to evaluate your value, they will always be lost. Instead of trying to be as good or better than others, focus your Energy in being the best version of yourself.

Personal and professional growth must start from one. In your hands is your actions, always look with a positive attitude every project you have.

Video Medicine: You are unique. (December 2022).