You are patient?

How to be more patient? If there is a virtue that is considered especially valuable, it is just patience, this ability to stay controlled even when circumstances condition the opposite.

Not in vain it is said that "patience is of saints", although in reality with a little effort is something that we can all develop. The main thing is to detect if you can keep the balance or you become "Hulk" at the slightest provocation. Discover yourself!

1.- Every time you leave the facilities of your work, security personnel must report your departure and entry times. The guard has about two years in the company and every day you tell him your name, however, he asks you again and again, what are you doing?

a) I contain my primitive side before the public and between teeth I answer him, although leaving it there despotrico half an hour against him and his foolishness.
b) I already learned and I take the lead: before he asks me, I tell him my name.
c) I respond with a smile, I understand that after seeing so many people it is hard to retain the names of everyone.

2.- You go with your boyfriend to a store where there is a group of children running out of control while their mother sees clothes, without the least concern, you:

a) You tell your partner to leave immediately, but first you make sure that the woman knows of your discomfort and if possible, you even put the foot on one of the children.
b) You go elsewhere and wait until the hurricane has passed to return to see what you wanted.
c) You share with your boyfriend how fun the kids should be and tell him an anecdote from your childhood.

3 .- Since you were a girl you told your mom that you do not like to season the food with garlic, but once again you find a giant in your soup, how do you react?

a) You put the worst face of displeasure that you have, you remind him that you have told him a thousand times that you do not like food like that and you get up from the table.
b) Before giving the first bite, check perfectly that not a bit of the garlic leaves and you are ready to eat.
c) You do not say anything, you know it will always be like that, so you only do the piece aside.

4.- The person you work with has concentration problems, so it is common for you to deliver different things to the ones you asked for, even though he assured you that he had the idea clear, what do you do?

a) After the second time you choose to do it yourself, and in the future you do not ask for anything again.
b) You make sure that you write down all the instructions you gave him and you give constant follow-up to his work.
c) No matter how long it takes you to understand, you think that the important thing is that you have a clear mission.

5.- Of 10 it does not fail you one: every time you go to an ATM it is broken down no matter if it is in different locations, the last one you go is the one of the super and you see that the manager is right next to you, to what Does the scene inspire you?

a) To say three things, including that you can not be more inefficient in life to offer a service that never works.
b) Nothing, I would go back where I came from and I would look for another option.
c) To suggest a couple of options to ensure that the service is efficient.

Majority of A: You definitely have the wick too short. You are as demanding with others as you are with yourself, you would like everything to go like the machinery of a clock, to perfection, but this is not possible unless everything depended on you, only this way you would make things go how do you wait?

As this will not happen it is necessary to start working with yourself and be more empathetic with others, do not put the action before the person and it will be easier for you to understand why someone acts in this or that way. It's not about justifying you, it's about understanding your reasons.

Majority of B: You go through the world like swans: you cross the lake without getting your plumage dirty. Although this helps you not to generate negative emotions, it also gives the impression that you do not care what happens around you and remember that it is necessary to get involved in the world around us; It would be convenient for you to seek balance and not be so indifferent to what happens.

Majority of C: You could stand out in the circus world as a tightrope walker. Not only are you empathetic with others, but you also have a positive proposal for each conflict that arises, surely you have to be like a haven of peace for the people who are close to you. The only thing we can recommend is that you do not lose that spark of seeing life from that perspective.

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Video Medicine: How Patient Are You? (September 2021).