You are not alone…

If you are on a date with the person you like, but do not pay attention to her because she is worried about the amount of sweat that you emanate, then you are experiencing one of the conditions that most embarrass women.

Some have health problems they never want to confess. However, talking about these may be the best strategy to find a solution.


You are not alone…

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Excessive sweat

There are antiperspirants designed for women who sweat excessively. If they do not work for you, talk to your doctor to rule out a hormonal disorder that requires special treatment.


Uncomfortable gas

Avoid eating large amounts of food that favor the production of flatulence as cabbages, whole grains and fats. Cigarette and stress also increase them.

If it becomes a problem, talk to your doctor; Maybe you have to make drastic changes in your diet, you are lactose intolerant or just to rule out a digestive disorder.


Digestion problems

When you suffer from stomach pain, constipation and / or diarrhea, you may have irritable bowel syndrome. It is a very common condition, especially in women. Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist to evaluate you.


Vaginal odor

The vagina is prone to develop infections by bacteria and fungi, because it is an area. However, there are over-the-counter creams that help control those infections.

Another cause of bad odor is the reaction to the use of irritating soaps or daily protectors, among others. The most appropriate in this case is to talk with your gynecologist to prescribe the treatment you really need.

The best advice is that you do not suffer in secret and talk to your doctor about any problem that embarrasses you and that makes you have a hard time. Surely you will say: "Why did not I look for help before?"

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