Yolk does not raise bad cholesterol

The egg is a food that for a long time has been limited in the subsistence allowance by the belief that it raises the levels of bad cholesterol ; However, according to studies by the University of Salamanca, the yolk can actually decrease the level of triglycerides , trigger of the heart attacks , as well as cholesterol and the oxidative stress .

According to Dr. Salomon Jakubowicz, some people stop eating the yolk because they believe that it raises the levels of bad cholesterol ; however, they do not know that it is rich in vitamins , proteins and that does not have bad fats no sugar.

Actually, there are other foods that, compared to the egg , are responsible for raising the cholesterol , in addition to other bad habits like no have breakfast , do not sleep enough, do exercise fasting or having a lot Abdominal fat.

In this regard, the cardiologist at the University of Navarra, Dr. Patricia Fernández Robredo, explains that the egg yes you can reduce the level of triglycerides because it has a powerful antioxidant , the lutein .

The lutein It is a compound carotenoid abundant in vegetables, but especially in the bud , so it is the only food of animal origin where it is present. Precisely, the lutein It is better absorbed if accompanied by grease , so the bud it constitutes a perfect medium, says Fernández Robredo.

While the yolk It has a high concentration of cholesterol (424 milligrams per 100 grams), its high concentration in omega 3 and 9 unsaturated fatty acids is related to certain properties to increase the good cholesterol . Therefore, the egg is constituted as an ideal food to be included in a moderate way in a diet balanced

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