Yoga is the artist's favorite

Celebrities around the world have left the stressful behind exercise , sweat and burning calories . Today, the spiritual phenomenon of yoga and the meditation has become more popular among celebrities, such as Madonna , Richard Gere , Uma Thurman , Mick jagger Y Jennifer Aniston . In fact, for the model Christy Turlington , techniques have become a way of life.

The popularity of yoga

Because the yoga Is it so successful among celebrities and is it practiced by millions of people around the world? First, because it is a powerful system of physical conditioning, because it molds, tones, stylizes and rejuvenates the body.

By combining a balanced work of stretches and toning, the human being earns flexibility , harmony and strength; also, correct the position.

The asanas lubricate muscles, joints and organs, improving the general functioning of the body and, of course, health. Each posture has general and specific benefits such as: improving respiratory capacity or digestive functions, stimulating the thyroid, preventing back problems, alleviating Headaches or menstrual, fight the stress and the sadness .

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga, Ana Paula Domínguez, explains the benefits that yoga offers to human beings:


Celebrities who practice yoga and meditation

One of the most fervent defenders and promoters of the meditation he is the film director David Lynch , who sometimes leaves aside his artistic activities to organize events in favor of it.

The singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick jagger He is also a regular yoga practitioner and meditator. Gone are the years of excess, the "rock grandfather" prefers to spend his time investigating the depths of his body and mind.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld He has also confessed to being a regular in Zen meditation. The famous actor has declared that practicing this technique calms his nerves.

The movie lover Richard Gere not only is he a tireless defender of Tibet and the Dalai Lama, he also practices what he preaches, so there is no day that he does not get up early to do yoga and meditate.

The results of these ancient techniques are so overwhelming that a few years ago, the singer Sting She confessed that she practiced an hour and a half of yoga every day and that allowed her to make love for eight hours each night.

The yoga and the meditation They invite you to have a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced feeding and natural; They also emphasize the relaxation and to the adoption of Buddhism's own values, such as universal love. And you, do you already enjoy the benefits of these techniques?

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