Yoga in the office?

Yoga in the office? Generally, the demands of modern working life do not allow us to take a good diet or relax during the day and, therefore, our mind is saturated with thoughts related to our work, even when we sleep.

Due to the above, muscles tense due to the accumulation of lactic acid and poor posture, caused by sitting all day in front of a computer.

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The consequences such as poor posture and mental stress affect the person even in the comfort of their home, therefore, often fatigue allows you to do something for your body after work. To avoid this, we recommend the following exercises below:

1.- Stretching. Sitting on a chair, with your feet firmly planted on the floor and open at hip height, inhale by lengthening your torso and exhale turning to the right, take the back of the chair with both hands and feel the twist from your navel.

This activates the central nervous system and lubricates the vertebrae, in addition, activates the digestive system through pressure. Repeat to the other side. Make between five and 10 long, deep breaths on each side.

2.- Push-ups Sitting in your chair, with your feet well planted on the floor and open at hip height, inhale lengthening your torso, exhale flexing it, until you bring it to your thighs, rest a few breaths in this posture.

3.- Elevations . Standing up arms during inhalation, also raise the heels. Exhale and lower your heels to the floor, with your arms at the sides of your body, repeat five times.

4.- Breaths . Standing, inhale as you raise your arms above your head, interlace the right wrist with your left hand and exhale, lean your torso to the left; inhale again to return to the center. Change the wrists and exhale now to the right.

5.- Circles . Sitting with the spine straight, exhale bringing the chin to the chest, then inhale making circles to the right. Try to inhale when you raise your head and exhale when you lower it. It is important not to force the head to reach far back, so you will avoid injuries to your cervical. Repeat to the other side.

Take five minutes to do these yoga exercises in the office, your mind will clear thanks to your breathing, you will be more creative and you will be more focused on your work. This in addition to feeling a general rest in your body. And you, how do you raise your productivity?

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