Yoga improves your sex life

Perform various exercises flexibility in yoga , makes your body stronger, in addition to releasing you from many emotional tensions, which is reflected in a more satisfying sex life, he said. Ellen Barrett , author of Sexy yoga. Therefore, here are 4 reasons to put it into practice:


Improve your circulation

The yoga increase your blood flow and some positions like Eagle , it is very beneficial for the pelvis, which causes the sensitivity and sexual desire to increase


You gain self-confidence

This practice allows you to have a better control of your emotions, which will make you more aware of your actions and 100% focus on each activity you do, leaving aside the fear, stress and concerns: "When you are present, you give yourself completely and know how to win your partner," he said. Becky Jeffers , director of the Center for Women's Sexual Health and Menopause Management in Chicago


Reduces pain

The information published in the magazine Women's Heatlh, points out that the yoga relieves physical and emotional pain, through the relaxation of the muscles of the hips: "This is important, since the stress that is loaded in this area of ​​the body affects the natural functions of the pelvis, so the pleasure of having an orgasm, it will be much better if you practice this discipline "


Balance your chakras

According to Ellen Barrett, when practicing yoga with perseverance, it allows the chakras to settle down: "When this happens, we are in a state of full health and sexual relations are more satisfactory. All this promotes openness and decreases sexual inhibition.

For these and many other reasons, the author of the book Sexy yoga, recommends practicing this discipline, which also provides other benefits, such as looking younger, improving the texture of the dermis and reducing weight and height. Do you practice yoga? What benefits have you achieved?

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