Yoga helps patients with breast cancer

Do exercise and practice yoga improve the quality of life of women who suffer the early stages of breast cancer , revealed two studies published in the journal Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The first was conducted by researchers from the University of Alberta, Canada. Kerry Coumeya , professor of physical investigations of that university, indicated that the aerobic exercise improved the physical condition and the opinion that women had of themselves:

"Patients with Cancer they can do exercises while they receive chemotherapy . In this way, they achieve important benefits in terms of their physical condition, body composition and self-esteem. "

The study determined that the exercise helped to successfully complete the treatment of the chemotherapy , thanks to this, increased the level of white blood cells in his blood.

The second study, conducted by scientists at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York, showed that the yoga It was especially beneficial for women who did not receive chemotherapy . While women who did not take classes of yoga They revealed a decline in their well-being.


However, among women with breast cancer who underwent chemotherapy, but who took yoga classes, showed a higher quality of life and greater emotional strength, compared to those who did not practice yoga.


Researchers compared various measures of quality of life in 84 women with breast cancer in their early stages they had taken classes of yoga and in 44 women with the same problem who had not received those classes.


According to Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, from the Department of Surgery at Duke University Medical Center, these results suggest that lifestyle intervention may be a key in the treatment of cancer. breast cancer .

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