Yoga for your eyes

The benefits of practicing yoga can be extended to your eyes , because through certain exercises it helps to rest the look , decongest the eyelids , prevent the atrophy of your muscles and to correct functioning.

Ocular yoga exercises also allow the face to recover joviality and freshness, which is why it is a key to slow aging and the appearance of wrinkles or expression lines in the face, according to

Ellen Saltonstall, yoga instructor Anusara and certified teacher in Kinetic Knowledge , explains that after practicing some yoga exercises the eyes They feel more relaxed, so they allow for clearer perceptions and visual concentration develops.

According to the portal, the eyes you can dry out, congest and tire because when working in front of the computer; For example, we do not change focal point or direction for a certain time, so we use the eyes in a restrictive way.

Also, inflammation of the eyelids and eye muscles It may be due to a partial retention of fluids, which can also be solved by practicing eye yoga, such as the following exercise:

Fix the look for a few seconds at a point and avoid blinking, let the tears flow and then close the eyes, turning the eyeballs about 20 times to one side, and 20 times to the opposite side, 20 more up and down.

In this way, when practicing ocular yoga, you predict that muscles of your eyes they atrophy, you give them rest and you develop a greater visual concentration, in addition to that you relax and liberate the stress accumulated in your face.

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