Yoga for women: Basic lessons

If a woman wants a healthy life, devoid of any tension and stress, You must start your day with yoga.

First things first, when you get out of bed, sit on a mat on the floor and hug your knees to the chest. Next, lift your legs in the air and clear your head. Stand up and then lean forward until your forehead touches your shins until you feel ready to face the toothbrush and move on with the day.

Many women accumulate a series of petty violence against themselves from the moment of awakening - caffeine, cigarettes, exercise, or no exercise at all. Many fitness programs nowadays have a violent approach. Your approach to conditioning and wellness, and life in general must be nonviolent, work smoothly with concentration at your own pace, without competing with anyone else. Do not be cruel to yourself or ruthless to others.

Your ideal routine would focus on 28 postures extracted from the millenary technique whose name comes from Sanskrit meaning union. The exercises should go from deep breathing to stretching.


Fantastic training

Yoga is strenuous, but not painful, and gives every inch of your body a fantastic workout. It helps maintain flexibility and increases muscle strength and definition. Try to practice 60 to 90 minutes of yoga , before breakfast, five to six days a week.

Follow the basics mentioned here to have a healthy and balanced life:


  • Avoid the temptation to exercise only your strengths, such as lifting weights. It is more important to work in other points.
  • Do not space the workouts. Take advantage of that time to have a private conversation with yourself: "How do I feel physically, mentally?" "How is my balance and coordination in the present?" "Is there something I should pay special attention to?"

Practice yoga in the morning or in the evening at least one hour after a light meal or three to four hours after the main meal. If you are hungry before practice, try to drink tea , milk or fruit juice.

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