Yoga drives youth performance

Include Yoga classes as part of the daily activities of the teenagers , can help decrease the depression, anxiety and improve your cognitive functioning , so it can serve as a preventive option in the mental health .

According to the study conducted by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, those young people who practiced yoga as part of their school activities , instead of just his kind of physical education , obtained higher scores in some of the psychological tests .

Applied to students of level high school and high school , these tests included topics related to problems of mood , anxiety, concentration , full recovery capacity, and the expression of the go to .

In this regard, they found that teenagers that they did not yoga they got ratings highest of the moods or of anxiety , while those who did yoga they scored lower on these tests.

In addition, those who did not yoga reported more negative emotions during the study period, while the teenagers what did you do yoga did not report an increase in negative emotions .

The yoga that was practiced during the physical education class was Kripalu yoga, which included meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises, along with characteristic postures of the discipline

To exemplify some of the yoga exercises that are aimed at young boys , in GetQoralHealth we show you a video of the Indra Devi Foundation about yoga dynamic:

In general, young boys who attended the Yoga classes showed an improvement over the anxiety that generated the periods of examinations, as well as a better way to deal with the ravages caused by the stress .

Due to the above, some specialists claim that both yoga like other disciplines that involve meditation , should be considered in the future as part of the daily activities of the teenagers in school stages.

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