Yoga controls the senses and reactions

The yoga It is divided into eight different branches that help to have a holistic lifestyle, which allows to reach an ideal state within the mind and the body of the human being, in accordance with Marcia Hidalgo, teacher of yoga and meditation .

To know a little more about this discipline, the specialist points out that the eight branches are:

  1. The asanas (postures or movements)
  2. Pranayama (breathing)
  3. Yamas (abstentions, moral codes)
  4. Niyamas (rules or character building)
  5. Dhyana (meditation)
  6. Pratyahara (control of the senses and reactions to life)
  7. Dharana (Concentration)
  8. Samādhi (state of super consciousness produced by deep meditation

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Marcia Hidalgo points out that it is very important to go with certified teachers, in the following video it gives you some tips to find them:

The specialist emphasizes that there are many types of yoga and some adaptations of ancient techniques such as Ashtanga , Anusara and Hatha , among others.

In order to carry out these positions successfully, the breathing It is one of the fundamental principles. This controls the prana wave Energy vital that leads to the control of the mind.

The yoga helps to improve body posture, the functioning of internal organs, the digestion , the systems circulatory Y nervous ; In addition, it prevents the overweight and facilitates the concentration .

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