Yoga celebrates 11-11-11

Many people attribute this day to paranormal activities , others speak of the beginning of a renewed humanism, a revolution of consciousness, of a new harmony in the world, or even see the opening of a door to another dimension.

In accordance with , various groups in more than 50 countries will take the opportunity to sit quietly at to meditate .

In the face of various tragic news about catastrophes and the end of the world, yogic community world today celebrates the beginning of a new era positive filled with changes and a course prosperous in harmony Y spirituality .

From the point of view of yoga , the 11-11-11 (November 11, 2011), we leave behind the It was Pisces marked by the excess in all the senses: in communication, marketing, superficialities, self-centeredness, in having in place of being and in a host of banal conjectures that have resulted in the era of stress , the loneliness , the lack of love , fun without happiness , the existential void, the lack of commitment to oneself and to others.

The spiritual master of Kundalini , Yogi Bhajan taught in the West that the new It was from Aquarius it will bring a greater spirituality; people will finally understand that there is nothing more beautiful, valuable, conscious and transcendent than themselves.

According to Bhajan, the old affirmation of "to be or not to be" will change to "to be, to be" and to "I am, I am"; the Balance of consciousness, the internal energy and that of the universe that accompanies us will be respected.

In addition, the thought will be global and integral with the human dignity ; the traditions will come to be respected thanks to a balanced consciousness and therefore peace will be reached among the contending nations.

In this way, for the yoga and the Tartaric disciplines This is a master day, where we must have positive thoughts , leave the fears Y wear color White .

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