Yoga as a cult of sex

The hatha yoga , the "psychophysical" version of yoga, from which most of the disciplines in the West start, was born from a branch of Tantrism, in which the devotees "sought to merge the masculine and feminine aspects of the cosmos into a state of ecstatic consciousness" , Explain William J. Broad, author of the book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards.

Tantrism, as a term that circulates in pop culture, is almost always associated with sex. According to Broad, the hatha originated as a way to accelerate the tantric processes, using "postures, deep breathing and stimulating acts -including sexual intercourse- to increase the mystic rapture".

The yoga , through different asanas and especially bandhas (padlocks), works the pelvic muscles that allow a woman to have more and greater orgasms and that a man can control his ejaculation.

Other benefits related to sexual arousal and potency have been demonstrated in several studies:

1. Scientists from Russia and India have measured that the practice of yoga it generates an acute increase in testosterone, a hormone associated with sexual desire, in both men and women.

2. Czech scientists have shown how some of the poses of yoga generate peaks in the activity of brain waves similar to those that occur in people in love.

3. Researchers of the University of British Columbia have recorded that rapid breathing, known as fire breathing or agni prasana, can increase blood flow to the genitals.

4. A new investigation in the Rutgers University study how yoga can encourage "the autoerotic ecstasy" -seemingly some individuals can be taken to states of sexual abduction and even to orgasms only with the mind.

If this is added to the sweat, the turned bodies, the tight clothes, the feeling of relaxation and expansion , and other factors common to a class of yoga It should not be strange that some people seek to practice it only because of the sexual attraction that it generates.

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