Yemotherapy to detoxify the body

Is a therapeutic method which consists in balancing the disturbed organisms by using the parts of the plants that are in a state of growth and development, as buds and buds tender, as part of the alternative medicine .

The yemotherapy is used by homeopathic doctors as a method of sewer system . Increasingly, it tends to be considered that if you intend to exercise an energy and biochemical mobilization, from the medications homeopathic, First, it is best to have the organism as clean as possible.

This type of alternative treatment is used by specialists, according to Red Natural Salusvir, against diseases or conditions of respiratory tract , Liver, kidney, gastrointestinal problems, headache and depression , to name a few.

To learn more about this therapeutic method, in GetQoralHealth we show you a video of Red Natural Salusvir where they show their application against respiratory diseases:

In the yemotherapy , the homeopath drains and cleans toxicity the organs, tissues and body fluids, so that the subtle action of homeopathic medicine be the expected one

In the first place, the yolks, root barks, tender shoots, rootlets and all those parts of the plant that are in the growth phase.

After maceration in a mixture of alcohol and glycerin, the active ingredients are extracted. In addition to these active ingredients, these preparations, being in the development phase, have a high content in other substances that enrich their therapeutic properties .

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