Write down your answers!

Assuming a higher position in a company has two effects on people: they become true project leaders or, on the contrary, their decisions are not only absurd but risk the results and labor productivity of employees.

Have you ever experienced either of the two cases? If you think you have a toxic boss because it damages your work productivity and you could make better decisions than him, answer the following test and find out if you are ready to be a successful leader


Write down your answers!

1.-Your boss puts you in front of an area that needs to be saved. You have no experience or training to do it, but because of the "choice" they give you the post, what do you do?

to) You work to be up to the job. Also, although everyone knows how you got there, with your work you will forget that someone imposed you.
b) You fire people to hire your friends. The remaining team will work very hard to take the area forward, or they will leave.
c) You ask your team to detect the problem, look for solutions and render accounts, and then present them to your superior.

2.- From your perspective, what does it mean to have a position of hierarchy?
to) In giving results as the collaborators develop in their areas, as well as taking care of their work welfare.
b) Do what you want and earn a good salary.
c) Everything is compacted in one sentence: "Let the others work".

3.- It is Mother's Day and the mothers of your team ask you permission to attend their children's school festival, what do you do?
to) You let them go, you only ask for their support so as not to leave urgent pending.
b) Of course they do not go! And you warn them that you will not authorize them to ask for the day on vacation account.
c) You tell them that if they finish their work on time, they can go, but it is almost impossible, since there is a lot of work to be done.

4.- After they named you boss, how has your relationship with your colleagues changed?
to) It has not changed, they support you in everything, they are the best.
b) Completely, so that it is clear to them that they are not the same.
c) Since you have the power they hate you, they do not understand that someone has to work more and that is not you.

5.- You ask for a salary increase, but to authorize it you need to fire your assistant, what is your decision?
to) You will not allow it, so you try to find solutions so as not to affect anyone.
b) If there is no remedy ... let him go! You deserve a better life.
c) You will sacrifice yourself, earning the same thing for another month, so that they will give you a little more money in their settlement.


Check your answers!

Majority of A: You have leader wood, you know how to form a work team and gain their loyalty. Now stay in that same scheme and do not let anything change your way of being and thinking.

Majority of B: You are far from being a good boss, you just think about taking advantage of this moment: a moment that, if you do not change your attitude, will be counterproductive. Work on yourself, strengthen your self-esteem and try to decipher why you act like that.

Majority of C: You confuse leadership with arrogance, but when you are clear that being at the front is equivalent to being responsible, hardworking and fair, things can change for you.

Remember that a good leader develops characteristics and talents to act with justice and boost the productivity of the people around him. "Prudence empowers words." If you want to know more information write to: bojorge@teleton.org.mx

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