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All jobs can generate a strong level of stress at some point, but once the period of intensity has passed, everything returns to normal; However, there are works whose essence is the stress same. There are 7 jobs, in particular, that will make you revalue yours; these are the most stressful Of 2014.

In accordance with CarreerCast The website specialized in job search, these are the most stressful jobs of 2014 in the United States, although it applies to many countries in Latin America.

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1. Fireman . You can be alert many hours of the day waiting for a situation of emergency and not go from there, but when it's time to act, you have to resolve situations of extreme danger that depend life of third parties and your own.

A firefighter in Mexico has social Security and his base salary ranges between 7 thousand and 8 thousand 500 pesos per month, which is considered very little, compared to all the responsibility that is in his hands.

2. Pilot . Many lives depend on him or her. Therefore, a pilot must be a person capable of responding in an emergency situation. Although the airplane is the safest means of transport at present, it has been demonstrated that human failures they are a decisive factor at 30 thousand feet in height.

3. Taxi driver. Being a taxi driver in a big city can subject you to large amounts of stress to deal with the daily traffic and the rush of the passengers. In addition, a person driving a taxi may experience severe back and joint pain as well as overweight Y anxiety .

4. Journalist . The writing of an information medium is a work environment nature Stressful . You have to give the news as soon as possible, you work against the clock and in constant competition with other media companies. Many journalists, in addition, are strongly subjected to the review and they even receive reprisals for what they publish.

5. Executive . Bringing the rudder of a ship is not easy, to run a company it takes much more than knowing the business. As a manager you have to attend to many issues at once, so that both successes and failures will be much more noticeable.

On the other hand, the work of many people depends on a manager, which entails a great emotional charge for some of them.

6. Chief of communication. The communication heads of companies and government institutions are responsible for generating a good image abroad. They are the official spokespersons and the visible face of an institution for good or for bad. They must receive the blows and put on a good face in the face of any adversity.

7. Event coordinator . It is the person who is responsible for coordinating the total logistics of a large event. It can be someone who is dedicated to planning weddings to who organizes international conventions. It is a job that requires permanent communication and that reaches huge peaks ofstress when the event's deadline approaches and something goes wrong.

We know that getting a job is increasingly difficult and that it means a great achievement that a company opens its doors to you; however, you should be aware that maintaining a Balance between your work and personal life is essential to maintain good health.

If you are going to start in one of the most Stressful of 2014, we recommend preparation physical Y mental .

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