Worry about more

Happiness is something that should be cultivated day by day. It is a mental state in which we must understand that it is not outside, it does not depend on others and it is our responsibility, "says Rubén Verduzco Torres, clinical psychologist and professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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The things that generate unhappiness almost always have as origin a negative emotional state, which causes them to be repetitive and, therefore, harmful.

"Living with fear is the root of unhappiness. Fear retracts and paralyzes. Although it does not become intense like a phobia, the fear of failure, of being cheated, of being attacked or rejected, is enough to provoke unhappiness, "he stresses.

To stop being unhappy is easy if you identify what mistakes you are making. These are the recommendations of Verduzco Torres so that you do not incur them again.


Worry about more

Life is full of challenges and difficulties that cause certain transient worries. On the other hand, when the worry is maintained permanently, the uneasiness and anxiety that lead to suffering are generated.

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