Work tool or enemy of your health?

For many it is fashion, others need, what is real is that you spend hours in front of the computer screen. However, can this harm our health? The answer could be in the computer vision syndrome, also known as CVS for its acronym in English.

This problem results from prolonged exposure to light screens and at a reduced distance, and can cause several symptoms, including blurred vision, fatigue and ocular irritation.


Work tool or enemy of your health?

According to National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety in the United States, About 90% of people who use computers for three or more hours can develop this syndrome.

For Enrique Orellana Bofarull, of the National College of Optometrists of Spain , the accumulation of working hours at a certain distance from the screen, without rest, with little flicker, causes a visual fatigue that can be corrected with simple methods.

To prevent you from suffering from this computer vision syndrome we present the following tips:

1. Tablet . Good ambient lighting, do not work lying down for a long time, change position from time to time, regular breaks and use lenses special

2. Computer. Erect position, distance and adequate height, breaks and use special lenses.

The syndrome of vision by computer is not the only problem, the use of this technology generates that we spend time seated. According to the American Cancer Society, the women who they remain seated for more than six hours a day they are 40% more likely to die than those who spent less than three hours a day sitting.

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