Work stress triggers Burnout syndrome

Feeling that sometimes we no longer have the same clarity to think and that we have lost the joy of doing those things that previously caused us so much well-being, is nothing other than a mental fatigue and physical. Work and daily stress triggers a condition known as Burnout syndrome that prevents us from continuing with the daily routine effectively.

The English term Burnout syndrome , which translates as being 'burned' by the activities a person performs. It is usually linked to the professional aspect, especially to those who work in activities in which there is direct and constant contact with other individuals, as well as in professions that demand a high degree of responsibility.

The main symptoms of Burnout syndrome are: Chronic fatigue tiredness Headaches , muscle, neck and back, insomnia , weight loss or gain, gastrointestinal disorders , chest discomfort, palpitations, hypertension , asthmatic crisis , frequent colds and appearance of allergies , which are the psychosomatic alarms. If you notice any of these symptoms, it's time to take a break and visit the doctor.

It is common that we think that a good rest is necessarily linked to leaving our place of origin to visit a beach or a place that attracts us, for many days but sometimes, especially in these times, it is difficult to have enough money and even a long vacation period to do it. However, the fact of breaking with the routine, dedicating ourselves to some task that satisfies us and that keeps the mind occupied in something else, is a good alternative to procure that moment of relaxation.

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Video Medicine: Burnout and post-traumatic stress disorder: Dr. Geri Puleo at TEDxSetonHillUniversity (December 2022).