Women of 16-20 years

One question that men ask themselves is, What do women want from men according to their age?

As women grow and mature they look for different things in men.

Everything is depending on the age and the stage in which they are in their life


Women of 16-20 years

At that age, women idealize men. They look for the most handsome, the most popular of the school and with whom all women want.

Regardless of whether he is a good person or a bad person, what matters to them is to be with the man who makes them melt when they see him even if they have not crossed a single word with him and do not know him.

What women seek at this age is to be socially recognized for having the most desirable partner for all.


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Women from 21 to 28 years old

The idealization towards man is less. They are not so interested in belonging to a group, so the leadership of man It's not that important to them.

They want him to enjoy the company and that something more stable can arise.

A study of University of Southern California reveals that the interests of women are not always related to sex and fertility, rather with affective bonds and it depends on the age of each woman.



Women from 29 to 37 years old

At that stage, women are really interested in having a stability with the couple and have life projects in common.

The physicist comes in the background, the main thing is to find a mature man who seeks a commitment and a life project as a couple.

This is what the women of men seek according to their age intellectual.



Women from 38 and up

At this age some women can be divorced or have already gone through a separation process so they become more demanding.

They do not want to repeat patterns and find it difficult to trust men again if they had a loving disappointment .

When women continue with their partner at this age, they seek to keep the flame of love burning. They propose to do different things with their partner and they enter the famous "second air".

This is what women want from men according to their age .

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