Women detect infidelity with the look?

Well they say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul ...

A study of University of Western Australia It shows that there is a greater perception of women regarding their potential partners, because they are able to detect infidelity just by looking at a man's face, while they lack that ability.

According to Professor Leigh Simmons, director of the Center for UWA Evolutionary Biology, women have developed the greatest capacity to make accurate assessments than men because the costs of making mistakes are greater for women. Apparently, for evolutionary reasons, they have perfected this ability.

The study consisted in showing 34 men and 34 women, 189 photographs of Caucasian faces, to those who asked them about the level of confidence that these people inspired, of which their personal history was also known.

As part of the results published in the journal Biology Letters, the classification of women oriented towards men who cheat their partners, was relatively correct, mistaking their assumptions for only 38%, while they erred by 77%.

This research provides the first evidence that the impressions of infidelity, elaborated from unknown gender faces, contain a kernel of truth, according to dailymail.co.uk

They also found a high correlation between attractiveness and perceptions of trust, with more attractive people judged more likely to be trustworthy and, therefore, less likely to detect infidelity.

Apparently, according to researchers, the secret to detect an infidelity is in the eyes of a woman, who can recognize if a man is going to cheat just by looking at him, even if he is far away.

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