Without spaces to exercise?

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in the United States, recommends doing 60 minutes a day, or three times a week, of physical activity; However, how to achieve it in a city as chaotic as the Federal District?

There are several options, which in addition to helping you strengthen your muscles, improve organ function and relieve stress are within your financial and space possibilities. GetQoralHealth and the actor Lambda García they present you the following video with some exercises that you can practice in the city.

Other alternatives of physical activity that you can carry out, and that at best you carry out without realizing it, are the following:

1. Skate. It is considered an extreme sport and can be practiced in parks, squares or on the street. In addition, it allows you to shape your waist, abdomen and glutes. As an aerobic sport it allows you to burn those extra kilos faster.

2. Get off at the wrong station. This will allow you to make a walk, while freeing yourself from the stress that the crowds of people produce.

3. Go up and down stairs. The steps are the exercises that help to strengthen the buttocks and quadriceps, and to make them do not need any machine, but a long stairway. To give a little rhythm to the exercise, accompany the ascent and descent with music. If you want to invigorate it, raise your knees or bring your heel up to your gluteus.

4. Stretching . So important in the prevention of injuries as to improve your flexibility. They can be used to warm up before a training session or to perform them in isolation.

A physical activity can help you improve your mood, but also to take care of your weight. Living in the city should not be an excuse. Get active and have fun!

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