Why on the feet?

Sleeping with an onion on the feet It is not an esoteric ritual, but a trick to improve your health . Make it a habit before you go to bed and enjoy the Pros in your welfare

According to Agroalimentary Technological Institute, of Spain , the onion It is a wonderful anti-flu and a great ally to improve the immune system .


Why on the feet?

The feet have Nerve endings that connect with different organs of our body and, by stimulating them through absorption, it brings benefits in our state of health.


How is it used?

All you have to do is split a white or purple onion slices and put them in the arch of your feet , wearing socks or a shoelace, not so fair to avoid circulation problems.


So it acts:

- Help fight infections

- It favors the elimination of toxins

- Rejuvenates

- Remove the bad smell of the feet

- Hydrate your skin

- Clean the blood

- Improves blood circulation

Simply apply this home remedy for 5 days to feel great.

You know, take out the onion from your kitchen and take it to your bed and enjoy its properties!


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