Why is sugar responsible for being overweight?

The World Health Organization explains that excessive consumption sugar is responsible for overweight , so it suggests consuming up to 25 grams a day, which equals around six tablespoons .

The recommendation aims to take care of quantity of added sugar Y refined that is consumed through foods industrialized and processed as soft drinks, juices and fruit concentrates, as well as in honey and syrups.

It is important to emphasize that the abuse is what can decide increase in weight bodily. In the next video, Deya Cano explains how to avoid addiction to the sugar so that you do not affect your health.


Why is sugar responsible for being overweight?

According to Institute of Sugar and Beet Studies (IEDAR), These are some arguments that affirm that the consumption of the candy prevents maintaining the ideal weight .

1. It stimulates the appetite. The fructose , sugar used in industrialized foods, stimulates the areas of brain linked to hunger, say researchers from Yale University School of Medicine of the United States .


The fructose decreases the circulation of hormones of the satiety , which possibly increases feeding behavior and increases food intake caloric ", Concludes the study.

2. It is addictive. Predispose to a consumption excessive . When they are taken drinks sugary brain free dopamine that produces a feeling of pleasure that seeks to repeat itself, favoring addiction .


The dopamine Y opioid they participate in the motivation and reward , systems that control the desire and pleasure ", Concludes an investigation of the Princeton University in United States.

3. It becomes fat. When you eat a food with sugar refined, the organism transforms it into Energy that if it is not spent properly and on time, it becomes body fat and he is stored.

These three conditions predispose overweight because by stimulating the appetite and create addiction the need to continue eating is generated; if you also take a life with little physical activity that grease stored is accumulated by not finding a way to eliminate calories extra. How do you control your taste for sugar ?

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