Why is it good to eat sushi?
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Why is it good to eat sushi?

For years, the sushi It is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Its origin is Japanese and as a main ingredient it uses rice seasoned with vinegar and trim fish seafood vegetables raw or boiled, fried or marinated.

Although it is generally associated with a preparation of rice Y fish raw , there are very varied preparations and cooking methods. As a consequence of its internationalization, finding the ingredients in the market is very simple. But do you know their nutritional contributions?


Why is it good to eat sushi?

1. It is a low-content meal caloric , reduced value of fats and high content protein . The ingredients can be varied to make it more interesting to the palate.

2. It is typically prepared in small portions, about the size of a bite and can take various forms.

3. The fish fresh without cooking and the vinegary rice they are easy digestion .

4. The nori , which are the sheets of algae dry, it is a free food grease And contains vitamins as A and B, as well as a high level of iodo , which is an essential trace element that helps prevent hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism .

5. The vegetables used are also rich in vitamins and they provide fiber . In general, this combination makes the sushi a complete meal

6. The fish It is low in fat and has a valuable contribution of vitamins Y minerals , as well as trans fat free fatty acids (Omega 3 Y 6 ), fundamental in the development and functioning of cells and tissues, also indicated to favor the circulation , heart and the digestion . Among the healthiest fish are the tuna and the Salmon .

For its adequate consumption there are also several recommendations: avoid using metal cutlery because they alter its flavor; ingest it at room temperature because the cold lowers the natural intensity of the flavors; remember that the sauce soy Japanese is sweeter than Chinese, do not eat too much.

In addition to a great nutritional contribution, the sushi It is a very aesthetic food that requires patience and meticulousness to enhance the presentation details. The idea is to enhance the beauty of each element without altering its simplicity. So enjoy a healthy well-presented dish!

Video Medicine: Mercury Levels in Sushi Medical Course (October 2019).

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