Why are liquids retained?

In the morning, are you lighter than in the afternoon? Or, do you feel that your shoes squeeze you more at night? This is because you are retaining liquids . You may even feel abdominal swelling, difficulty breathing or redness. So, how can you avoid fluid retention?

In the following video of Tips for Lose Weight , Deya Cano you review the habits that reduce the fluid retention and that help you look great at any time of the day.


Why are liquids retained?

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center , there are several factors that favor the accumulation of water in the body such as sitting for a long time or standing.

In addition, the taking of medicines or contraceptive pills, the consumption of salty food, food allergies or insect bites, hormonal changes during menstruation or pregnancy, as well as exposure to high temperatures.

However, there are also causes that are more complicated and why you should go with a specialist such as blood clots, diseases of the thyroid, kidney, heart or liver, brain tumors in the head.

If the fluid retention persist you must go to a doctor to rule out any complications and have a better quality of life.