Who suffers more sarcopenia?

From the age of 30 onwards, muscle and body mass begin to be lost due to the passage of time and time physical activity Y overweight of people, which gives rise to sarcopenia .

In an interview with GetQoralHealth, Carlos D 'Hyver , geriatrician and member of American Geriatrics Society , Explain what is sarcopenia .

"It consists in the loss of muscle mass and strength; people have less volume and feel tired, so they have less ability to do things because they lack physical strength. "

According to D'hyver, this decrease in strength is due not only to the passage of time, but to bad habits of life such as overweight , little physical activity and the low consumption of proteins at our diet .

Who suffers more sarcopenia?

It is estimated that in Mexico about 33% of people have sarcopenia , especially women after the arrival of the menopause , although it is known that internationally, 1% of young people between 18 and 20 suffer from it.

In this regard, it is suggested to modify the diet , that is rich in vegetables, antioxidants , as well as the intake of a supplement rich in vitamins and proteins.

"The key is prevention, but if you already have muscle loss, you can choose Ensure Advance which is rich in vitamin D, which serves to bind calcium and is enriched in HMD, which is a substance that allows the muscle to form. "

According to the expert in geriatrics, this supplement can also be drunk by those who do exercise , because they can improve their performance and reduce the risk of suffering some injuries.

In addition, it is recommended that people opt for a routine of weights (several repetitions and little weight), for a gain of more muscle mass and thereby prevent diseases such as osteopenia Y osteoporosis .

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