Who should practice it

At present there are many alternatives forto lose weight , this is because people care about their appearance as well as their health. Can you imagine having a stomach the size of a 'computer mouse' or one of the fists in your hand? With the Gastric bypass This is possible.

In an exclusive interview GetQoralHealth , the Dr. Vicente Alarcó n, bariatric doctor, tells us about the myths and realities of the Gastric bypass .

It is a procedure that is considered simple. It consists of reducing the size of the stomach to the point where they fit between 40 and 60ml. The stomach joins directly with the small intestine , in this way digestion is facilitated.


Who should practice it

It is a recommended surgery for people with morbid obesity. If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is greater than 40 points or suffer from a chronic degenerative disease related to obesity.



As in any other surgery there are risks (anesthesia, bleeding or unexpected situations), but in general it is not considered a risky surgery, the most important thing is postoperative care.

Psychological support is essential, especially what life is going to be after surgery. In addition to changes in eating habits, many people find it very difficult to assimilate the change.



As already mentioned, it is such a simple procedure that the patient is discharged regularly in a period not exceeding 24 hours.

"It is a surgery that, when performed well, has fewer complications than gallbladder surgery," commented Dr. Alarcón.

It should be reviewed one week after the surgery, once a month and if everything is in order, then the review will be done every 6 months.

It is important to mention that the patient needs a radical change in their diet and habits. A more balanced diet and consume supplements and protein.


A patient who undergoes gastric bypass surgery loses between 80% and 85% of excess body weight.

You should not be afraid of this type of procedure, it is important to learn about the topic to disprove any type of myth, but the main thing is to go to a specialist to know if the patient is for the procedure and to avoid risks in surgery. gastric bypass .


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