White wine improves cardiac health

In the study Science, Wine and Health made by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile , it was found that the moderate consumption of White wine exerts hypotensive effects. Help prevent cardiovascular diseases , atherosclerosis and disorders of metabolism of fats.

The White wine relax the muscles and allows the dilation of bronchi and the arteries , which improves respiratory function by means of bronchial dilation. Another of the data presented in this study indicates that the White wine increases the cholesterol Well, mainly for the antioxidants coming from the grape.

Wine in any of its varieties, contains high levels of antioxidants that help prevent the premature cellular aging , caused by free radicals produced by the stress , pollution, fat consumption and sedentary life, especially when consumption is complemented by a balanced diet.

It is highly recommended to control eating disorders, since to drink one or two drinks a day help to level the hunger.

The White wine It also improves the Health of the nervous system , is a therapeutic remedy against anxiety and the emotional tension. It has beneficial euphoric properties for the depression .

Enjoy the benefits of White wine and improve your Health . Include it in your diet !

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