White teeth

Is one of your favorite fruits the banana? It is undeniable that it is delicious and nutritious, but think twice before throwing the shell in the trash, it has more uses than you think ...


White teeth

Do you have a correct oral hygiene and you can not eliminate the yellow tone of yours teeth ? Try rubbing the white part of the skin over them, rinse and wash your teeth regularly. Do it daily and you will notice the change.



When you hit yourself, the blood vessels break and unsightly appear bruises . Give them down, sticking a piece of shell in the affected area, just as if you put a bandage. Use adhesive tape to fix it.


Acne breakouts

If you want to get rid of granites , rub the peel all over your face (with circular movements), emphasizing the areas with mud. Leave on for 30 minutes and remove with warm water.


Mosquito stings

There is nothing that can cause more itching than a mosquito picket . When you are the victim of this insect, split a piece of shell and use it to give small touches on the picket. In a matter of minutes you will feel relief and you will see that its size will be reduced.


When shaving, you run the risk that your skin irritates . To prevent the irritation from getting worse, pass the peel over the affected area. The burning and redness will disappear in minutes.

Is not it worthwhile to take advantage of it? Eat banana at your leisure and use the skin to your advantage.


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