White flow

The main question for many women is why the vaginal discharge color varies and the most common question is white flow, what does it mean? Although normal flow helps keep the vaginal tissues healthy and gives lubrication, today we are going to solve the doubt.

According to a study published by Mayo Clinic , the color of vaginal discharge It varies from whitish to sticky and a little watery, to other, darker tones, depending on the stage of the reproductive cycle (menstrual).

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White flow

This flow is very thick at the end and at the beginning of your menstrual cycle, a white flow It is completely normal and does not indicate any infection, so it should not cause you any symptoms. In some cases, if you notice that the discharge is much thicker and white than normal, it may be a sign of yeast infection.



Clean and elastic discharge - This means that the mucosa is fertile and that you are ovulating.

Clear and watery discharge - It occurs at different times of the cycle and can be particularly strong after exercising.


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