Where to start?

If we think of the word relationships, almost by association we link it to those of a couple. And in this issue, in addition to thinking about the list of ex and the current love, comes to mind those of family, friends and even work, but not in that relationship on which depends the way we approach life and, therefore, is strategically valuable, what we have with ourselves.

María Villegas Y Jennie Kent , authors of the book Vademecum Women , of Villegas Editores , they explain that before expecting to have successful relationships with others, it is important to take the time that is necessary to know oneself.


Where to start?

The authors share 7 tips that are good starting points for self-knowledge and appreciation of one's qualities and a fair appreciation of the limits that are available.

1. Write obvious things that you already know about yourself. How would you describe yourself?

2. Get personality tests like those applied by certified psychologists to evaluate. Look to see what they say about your faculties and areas of opportunity.

3. Think about how other people affect you.

4. Listen and weigh what they say about you.

5. Try something completely new and different, something that is not in your way of being or simply change the routine and observe how you feel.

6. Keep a diary If you do not feel comfortable writing one, write down what you did during the day and analyze what you felt about it.

7. Knowing you is not the same as having good self-esteem, but it is a first step to achieve it.


Shake! and be yourself

"It is important to try to act according to what one is and believes. Being authentic with yourself, allows you to be unique, without adjusting to the expectations that others may have about you. Pretending to be someone you are not or going against what you believe, can be very conflictive, "explain María Villegas and Jennie Kent.

There are people with whom we are not related and this does not indicate that we want to keep them apart from our lives, it is about respecting our thoughts and convictions, learning to listen to others and if we think it appropriate, always change our mind and when, this is the result of a reflection and helps us to improve, as well as to mature our ideas.

To the extent that we are coherent and seek to be authentic, we will have greater possibilities to establish better links with all those we love. Getting to know yourself is a lifelong task, so it's never too late to start.Self-esteem is the strength of your voice, Bojorge@teleton.org.mx

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