When to help the elderly

This August 28 is the day of grandfather in Mexico, so it is a good excuse to reflect on the older adults that we have around us.

The family must understand that aging is not an easy phase for anyone, we all know that it is inevitable but many times we do not accept it or do it in different ways. The care of the elderly should be done with tact and empathy towards the stage that is in progress.

How to know that elderly people they need help ? You do not always have to give them a hand and help them with everything they do. This behavior can affect their feelings by making them feel useless and lead them to depression.

It is important to point out that help is especially difficult for the elderly women who have always loved their independence.

To overcome this, you must act step by step and give them time to adapt and accept your situation.

Physical Health

You always have to be attentive to the physical changes of the elderly. Sometimes, these can be symptom of some diseases, which can be avoided.

Be sure to have the first aid kit on hand, always and especially where there is an older person. If you do not have the money for a personal caregiver At least know what to do in common cases, such as arthritis, high blood pressure, problems with the intestines, or even minor injuries and pains.


The use of medications

Know your family member's medical history, what medications they take, and what to do if they have the symptoms they have experienced before.

Accompany them to your questions to know how to administer the medications, consult all your questions and ask what you think you may need in any emergency .

In the care of the elderly, you must give them quality time and make them live a normal life. This will help them to live with quality of life.

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