When to go to the dermatologist?

Having beautiful skin is not just aesthetic or beauty, keeping it healthy is as important as being in shape.

Being aware of the appearance of new moles, dandruff, fragile nails or sores in the mouth is part of the fundamental care of the skin.


When to go to the dermatologist?

Investigations of American Academy of Dermatology they reveal that when the body undergoes changes in the skin, in the hair or in the nails it is necessary to go to a dermatologist, however; Many people do not and this, in the long run, aggravates the suffering.

So that this does not happen to you, discover in what moments you should go with this specialist. Take note!


Wounds that take time to heal

They are a wake-up call that you should not overlook; the wound becomes a scab and later bleeds again.


Eruptions on any part of the body

You may suffer from an allergy to a food, medication or a product for personal use.


Your hair is a mess

If you are losing hair, have dandruff or have irritated the scalp, it is time to go to a dermatologist.


Bad condition of the nails

If they break, are discolored, stained or brittle, it could be due to psoriasis, thyroid problems or nutritional deficiencies.

New moles

If you discover that you have a mole that you have never seen before, go to the dermatologist to check it and be aware that it does not change color, shape or size.


Sores in the mouth

In many cases they may be due to the disease of aphthous ulcer, which is associated with disorders of the immune system.

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