When the answer is no

In the US 81% of workers feel general satisfaction and consider that they are in a good job . Quite the opposite occurs in Mexico, where seven out of 10 people are dissatisfied, even hate, their job, according to Trabajando.com

The Society of Management of Human Resources (SHRM) , says that the financial stability of the organization, the lack of opportunities to improve skills, poor work flexibility and create an imbalance in life, are factors that generate work dissatisfaction .

To improve these conditions, there are elements that must have a good job and that help your employees to be satisfied and happy . So you can identify if yours meets them, Eduardo Calixto neurobiologist National Institute of Psychiatry , he explains them in the following video.


When the answer is no

If your work is not meeting your expectations or is not "good", Katharine Brooks , executive director of the personal development and career office in the Wake Forest University , indicates that before give up you have to determine if it is possible Modify your current situation


Make a list of the pros and cons of your work, and what you want it to accomplish. If there is no possibility of change, try not to leave until you have something new and safe, "he adds.

For its part Debra Benton, executive coach and author of"The virtual executive: How to act as an online and offline CEO" , affirm that you must identify if the things you're not happy with have to do with with you or with work.

If you are not happy in your work , but the root is that you're not satisfied with your life, nothing will change you, you will have the same feeling wherever you go, says the coach.