What you should know

It is almost a famous custom to do on Monday that small effort that involves changing habits and customs in our Diet to lose weight in order to look beautiful.

However, nothing is achieved from one day to the next, so before starting any modification, it is necessary to take a first step towards one of the most feared objects in the history of beauty: The scale .

In the book "Stay in shape" , written by several authors and published under the Animae seal, it is explained that: "The moment in which the weight It is very important for those who decide to get diet , either before starting, because you are afraid to face the real weight, or during the diet , because it is feared that sustained sacrifices have not been enough. "

Also, they offer some advice that we are well aware of:

1. It is best to weigh yourself in the morning, after having bathed to ensure the constancy of the body's physiological conditions with clothes.
2. Do not weigh yourself more than once a week, at the beginning and successively once every 15 days. Doing it every day can become stressful and determine enthusiasm or disappointment every time.
3. Always weigh yourself in the same weighing machine .
4. It is advisable to use the same type of garments, so that this is not a factor that generates any variation.


What you should know

In this regard, specialists explain that not one diet carried out in an orderly manner ensures a decrease in weight linear and constant.

In addition, they warn of some conditions in which the weight corporeal can be altered; for example, the muscle mass , which can weigh more than adipose tissue in the case of athletes; fluid retention , caused by drugs, as well as variations caused by the premenstrual period, in the case of women.

If we already decided to procure a good figure, for no reason we design the diet itself, because to make it correct, it must contemplate criteria such as our lifestyle, age, sports activity, daily caloric consumption, habits, allergies, requirements nutritional, among others; Only a professional, as a nutritionist, knows how to do it. "Self-esteem is the strength of your voice." bojorge@teleton.org.mx

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