What to do if you find yourself depressed

Depression comes, sometimes, without knocking on the door and usually takes the sufferer by surprise. The key to getting rid of it is not in the simple will, it is required Professional Help and support of loved ones around the patient.

If you think you are suffering or at risk of suffering depression, follow these small steps:


  • Ask for help. You should never consider it normal to feel depressed by the simple fact of being older
  • Try to leave the house and continue with your daily life. If you stay alone, it is more likely that your mind will invade with depressive thoughts
  • Keep a balanced diet. When you are depressed, one of the most neglected factors is food. Each time you eat less and you minimize it
  • Find a reliable person to talk to. It is always good to share feelings and identify with others. Surely there are many people in situations similar to yours, maybe you can put together a new group of friends
  • Never try to drown the sorrows by drinking alcohol. This, in addition to putting your health at risk, would only aggravate the situation, the environment and your family.
  • Limit drugs that the doctor has prescribed and follow your instructions. Do not self-medicate, nor try to increase the doses of chemicals. Medical supervision and treatment follow-up is a fundamental part of your health

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