What should you look for when consuming dairy products?

With so much controversy that exists regarding the dairy products we no longer know if it is good or bad to include them in our diet. The reality is that it depends on the biological characteristics of each person to be able to determine it; you can not demonize a food in generality.

If you are not intolerant to dairy products and you produce the digestive enzymes necessary to digest them and absorb the nutrients, you are one of the few that can do it and therefore, you must take advantage of their nutritional benefits.


What should you look for when consuming dairy products?

Quality. Yes, there are foods of origin dairy such as ghee (clarified organic and natural butter) with a high nutritional value and, in addition, with great benefits for the human being.

There are many nutritional currents, and as my father told me one day, all animals know what to eat except the human being, and he is absolutely right. We are the most complex, because when we eat, more factors are involved than physical nutrition.

What is a reality, is that they are not essential in the human diet, and its consumption in excess has been shown to have secondary effects on health.

These side effects are more related to the way they are processed, that is, the hormonal content, sugar and fats that these products contain.


When not to consume them?

If you are vegan or intolerant to lactose , there are excellent vegetable alternatives that are high in calcium such as seaweed, spinach, whole grains, and all green leaves such as spinach, kale, chard, etc. In terms of protein, omegas, amino acids and fiber, Hemp is an excellent option.

In the end it is a personal decision to consume dairy or not; It is also important to determine how tolerant you are to these products and their reaction in your body.

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