What's happening?

Surely you've wondered why your nipples are placed erect in a situation that you can not control and have nothing to do with sexual arousal, well, there is a nerve cell responsible for generating erections in the nipple and here we leave the explanation of the experts.

According to a studyNature Neuroscience , hard nipples normally occur so involuntary and uncontrolled, thanks to the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for coordinating and regulating other unconscious functions in our body.

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What's happening?

The sympathetic system It is made up of many types of neurons that regulate specific functions in the body, therefore, the neurons that control the muscles of the erection, are the cause of both the erection in the nipples, like that sensation of goosebumps, when the vellitos are put on end, either by chill, cold or some uncontrolled emotion.

The different nerve cells that carry messages throughout the body at times of emotional anguish, they are the cause of this, it is like a reaction to fight against an imminent danger.


What happens with the "goosebumps" effect?

Another type of nerve is responsible for the Hair follicles and apparently they work together; When activated, the nerves contract those small muscles around the hairs, so it produces that effect of "goosebumps".

All these nerves carry the neuronal messages of our organism and of course that when women are nervous or with sensations butt , this effect of hardening the nipples is totally natural.

Also, find out that the blood vessels obstructed, are the cause of hard nipples in cold weather; so understanding this, it is more likely that you will not feel sorry for this natural reaction of your body.


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