What is the function of the cellular regenerator?

Most women seek a solution that allows them to maintain the youth and vitality of their face, so they resort to different methods and processes to achieve it, but how to prevent premature aging in a simple way?

To keep you young and attractive you just need to make some small changes in your habits, such as practicing some physical activity, moisturizing your skin and eating a balanced diet.

However, some specialists recommend consuming a cellular regenerator that helps preserve the quality of the skin and effectively delay the effects of aging at the genetic, molecular, organic and systemic levels.


What is the function of the cellular regenerator?

The appearance of the skin is a reflection of inner health; Therefore, this type of product is ideal for maintaining a healthy body and minimizing the most visible signs of aging such as: spots, wrinkles, loss of tone, shine, elasticity and dryness.

Cell regenerators are responsible for slowing oxidative stress related to premature aging, which helps prolong the life of cells.


Food, key to see you young

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the chef-yogi Mariano Garcés It gives you some examples of foods that you can include in your diet and that will help you prevent premature aging:

With good eating habits you can improve your appearance, since you will feel young, attractive and energetic. In your hands is the opportunity to look like you have always dreamed, do not waste it!