What is the best time to relax?

Due to the current lifestyle, people every day seek and require better methods to face the stress , a condition that greatly affects both physical and emotional and mental health. Therefore, it is important that we know what is the ideal time to relax.

Not only is it important to relax when the levels of stress increase in certain specific conditions, but you can take advantage of the state of relaxation Ideal in order to promote a better physical and mental performance.

In accordance with Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, yoga breathing specialist and creator of an asthma control method , the best time for relaxation It is before breakfast, lunch or dinner; that is, whenever you have an empty stomach, because you have better control of the diaphragm during the breathing .

Relaxation induces in our body a condition opposite to that created by the stress , in which physical and mental activity rise beyond normal levels, in accordance with Paolo Cesco, personal trainer in stress management and wellness certified by the Canadian Stress Institute .

It's about the so-called "relaxation response " , term used for the first time by the doctor Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical School to describe the physiology of the deep relaxation .

In situations of stress , the activity of sympathetic nervous system it increases, which leads to the "defense or flight" response.

The physiological changes in this response are an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood supply to muscles and pupil dilation.

Contrary to this, the response to stress , state of relaxation characterized by a reduced tone of the sympathetic nervous system and increased activity of the parasympathetic system.

This can be reflected in a decreased function of metabolism , blood pressure, oxygen consumption and heart rate, as well as a feeling of calm, according to Paolo Cesco.

In this state the level of mobility of the body and the energy expenditure are very low (the metabolism it is reduced up to 20%); the cells and tissues regenerate more quickly, the mind is calm and in a waking state; conscious thoughts are still active, but they become calmer and less distracted.

Therefore, in addition to providing a dose of relaxation repair by breathing exercises two or three times a day before eating, this is the most timely way to prevent stress .

Also, perform breathing exercises conscious before eating helps to have a greater feeling of fullness, to better control our consumption of food, improve digestive function and allows to increase the available physical and mental energy and the feeling of well-being.

Currently there are many exercises Y methods to control breathing , which can even help to combat diseases related to the functioning of the nervous or endocrine system, but the most important thing is to start you give yourself the opportunity to try it.

Remember, if you want to start doing it yourself, it is important that you do not do more than 5 minutes of relaxation before going to sleep, otherwise it will give you more energy and you will not be able to rest; choose a quiet place and time, wear comfortable clothes and prepare a pleasant environment for relax .

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